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Theodora AI is the golden standard for managing reputational risk
and creating rapid innovation by removing bias in your organization

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Theodora AI Overview
The X-Ray for Unconscious Bias
In today's lightning-fast world, hidden biases are capable of rapidly eroding trust and tarnishing even the brightest reputations. Theodora AI provides high-definition data points and actionable insights showing you where the weaknesses are so you can reinforce your structure with fairness and transparency.
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Theodora Brain Lab
Neuroscience In Action to Understand Bias
Theodora is a rigorous scientific pursuit combining cutting-edge AI with the latest in neuroscience. Our neuroscientists help to highlight potential areas in the study of human cognition and bias; Theodora analyzes patterns of behavior and provides surprisingly correlations for further study.
Together we’re rewiring how humans think about, approach, and solve biases.
The Bias Test
You Cannot Improve What You Cannot Measure
Discover and quantify unconscious biases with our groundbreaking bias measurement test. By participating, you'll gain invaluable insights into how biases shape perceptions and decisions, empowering you to foster inclusivity and equity in your organization and beyond. Remember, you cannot improve what you cannot measure. Take the first step towards a more fair and enlightened future—start testing today. 
Help us make it happen!
Anti-Bias World Challenge
Your Catalyst for Change
The Anti-Bias World Challenge is more than a competition; it's a global movement that challenges companies to do more than “talk the talk” and actually help to create a better future. It’s your chance to make your convictions real and become a leader in your industry.
Learn from the winners, the pioneers who are rewriting the rules of fairness in their industries.
The Bias Project
Gamification for Good: Capturing Biases in Your Life 
At Theodora, we're embarking on a monumental endeavor: creating the world's largest Spanish-language dataset to eliminate biases from our society.  Join us in this historic initiative. Your collaboration is crucial in shaping a more equitable future. 
Help us make it happen!
Why Theodora AI?
Because Band-Aids Don’t Fix Big Problems
Unconscious bias is not a small problem you can afford to ignore; it's a crack in the foundation of your company that weakens your entire organization. We don't offer quick fixes; we deliver lasting transformations that affect companies for years to come.
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Meet the Team:
The Minds Behind the Machine

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With Theodora You Can See What You Could Not See Before 

Organizations who are truly aligned with diversity, equity and inclusion are shown to be among the most innovative, sustainable and profitable companies in existence. Consumers are hungry for authentic alignment; one mis-step can cost millions.
Theodora helps you navigate this new world and appeal to your best customers with ease.

The Inspiration Of Our Name

Theodora, the wife of Roman Emperor Justinian (527-565 A.D.), was an influential figure who advised Justinian on political and legal matters. Known as "partners in power," they worked together to shape many regulations of the empire. Despite her significant contributions, Theodora's legacy was often minimized due to biases against her past professions linked to negative stereotypes at the time.

We chose to honor Empress Theodora recognizing her as a symbol of those who have been marginalized and overlooked due to discrimination throughout history.
This name reflects the company's mission to detect, mitigate, and measure biases, ensuring fairness and visibility for all.

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Our Partners:
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